Code list

Western Australia, shire codes

with help of Jim Gordon
letters shire when
A Albany 1916-1975, now AL
AE Avon East 1916-1919
AK Armadale-Kelmscott 1916-1967, now Perth
AL Albany 1975-now
ARB Albany Road Board -1916
ARB Ashburton Road Board -1916
AS Ashburton 1916-1972, than WP
AU Augusta and
Augusta River
AV Avon 1916-1922, now Q
AW Arthur West 1919-now
B Bridgetown and
Bridgetown Greenbushes
B Broome -1919
BA Broad Arrow 1916-1922, now K
BB Bunbury 1916-1951, now BY
BD Boulder 1970-now
BE Beverley 1916-now
BEV Beverley -1916
BH Broomehill -1916 (motorcycles only)
BHRB Broomehill Road Board -1916 (cars only)
BK Bruce Rock 1919-now
BKT Brookton -1916
BL Lower Blackwood 1916-1936, now NP
BM Broom 1919-now
BN Balingup 1916-1970, now DB
BO Brookton 1916-now
BR Black Range 1916-1961, now S
BRB Bunbury Road Board -1916
BRB Balingup Road Board -1916
BRRB Black Range Road Board -1916
BSN Busselton 1951-now
BT Boddington 1961-now (was MR)
BU Boyup Brook and
Upper Blackwood
C Canning 1924-1928, now Perth
C Carnarvon 1965-now
CA Carnamah 1924-now
CB Cranbrook 1926-now
CC Coolgardie 1916-1919
CD Cue-Daydawn 1916-now
CG Coolgardie 1919-now
CH Chittering 1917-now
CM Cunderdin-
1998-now (was CMT)
CMT Cunderdin-
1945-now (was ME)
CN Cuballing 1916-now
CNE Coolgardie 1916
CO Collie 1917-now
CP Capel 1917-now
CR Corrigin 1916-now
CRB Capel Road Board 1917
CU Upper Chapman 1916-1958, now CV
CV Chapman Valley 1958-now
CW Coorow 1962-now
D Dandaragan -1916
D Dowerin 1916-now
DA Dardanup 1916-now
DB Donnybrook
1961-now (was PE)
DD Dundas 1916-1919
DE Denmark 1919-now
DK Drakesbrook 1919-1961, now WR
DL Dalwallinu 1917-now
DN Dowerin -1916
DN Dandaragan 1916-now
DR Darling Range 1916-1961, now KM
DRB Dardanup Road Board -1916
DRB Dumbleyung Road Board -1917
DS Dundas 1930 - date (was NM)
DU Dumbleyung 1917-now
E Esperance 1916-now
EARB Avon East Road Board -1916
EP East Pilbara 1974-now
ERB Esperance Road Board -1916
EW Wagin -1916
EX Exmouth 1964-now
F Fremantle 1924-1928, now Perth
G Goomalling -1916
G Greenough 1916-now
GE Greenmount 1916-1934, now MDG
GG Gin Gin 1916-now
GH Greenough 1916-1952, now G
GHRB Greenough Road Board -1916
GM Gascoyne-Minilya 1916-1965, now C
GN Gnowangerup 1916-now
GN Geraldton (town) -1916-now
GO Goomaling 1916-now
GR Greenbushes 1916-1970, now B
GRB Geraldton Road Board -1916
GRB Goomalling Road Board -1916
GRB Greenmount Road Board -1916  
GRB Greenough Road Board -1916
GRB Gosnells Road Board -1916
GS Gosnells 1916-1928, now Perth
GU Upper Gascoyne  1916-now

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