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Last update:  4 Dec 2019 newer pictures are 20% bigger  


Date Picture Country Type Remarks
4 Dec Uruguay car new draft from Uruguay
24 Nov Swaziland car new draft from Swaziland
24 Nov Lesotho car new draft from Lesotho
24 Nov Nigeria car new draft from Nigeria
Home of peace and tourism
Aug 2019

Iceland car some new plates
some new stickers
June 2018 Great Britain car new draft from Great Britain
Mar 2018 Denmark car new draft from Denmark (from 2006 onwards)
Feb 2018 Iceland car 20 new stickers
Feb 2018

Taiwan car new draft of Taiwan (until 1992)
Aug 2017

Austria car some new dealer pictures(BB and BG)
a new trailer dealer (Wien) and
an old design foreign trailer behind an Austrian truck
Aug 2017
Iceland car new plates, here a US size diplomatic
and a new temporary plate
Mar 2016 Czech Republic car new list of district codes, thanks to Rope
Mar 2016 Belize car firstt setup of Belize, here a private car
Mar 2016 Austria car new list of district codes, thanks to Rope
Feb 2016 France car first setup of France, here the latest series
Feb 2016 Greenland car Search engine working again
Jan 2016 Suriname car first setup of Suriname, here the first year number 1
Mar 2015 Czech Republic car first setup of Czech Republic, here a Euro version
Mar 2015 Slovakia pers update Slovakia, here a personalized plate
June 2006 Faeroe Islands dlr motorcycle dealer
May 2006

Austria car 1919 - 1930
B = Niederösterreich

1919 - 1930
C = Oberösterreich

1939 - 1945
W = Wien
Apr 2006 RSM car update on San Marino
Apr 2006 Monaco car update on Monaco
Apr 2006 Tristan da Cunha car update on Triatan da Cunha
Mar 2006 Croatia car update on Croatia
Mar 2006 Greenland car update on Greenland
Mar 2006 Latvia car update on Latvia
Mar 2006 Georgia car update on Georgia
Mar 2006 Marshall Islands car update on the Marshall Islands
Feb 2006 Liechtenstein car lots of new plates added
Feb 2006 Queensland car about a 100 pictures added
Feb 2006 Victoria car some new plates added
Feb 2006 Azerbaijan mc some old an new plates added
Feb 2006 Israel car early Gaza
Dec 2005 Azerbaijan car first setup for Azerbaijan
here a Euro version
? Germany car plate of the German 'Bundespraesident'
May 2005 Germany army

seen in May 2005
a tank puller

Aug 2004
(since May 2004)
Åland dlr a new dealer plate
Aug 2004 Australia, VIC other 16 pictures added
here a Commonwealth trailer
July 2004 Slovenia car new Euro version for most types
July 2004 Brazil car update with here a car, since 1990
July 2004 Guam car here a 1963 version
May 2004 Slovakia car new Euro version
May 2004 Hungary car new Euro version
May 2004 Saba car update with all years
May 2004
(since Apr)
Iceland car plate wanted
new plates, here the US size
with flag and IS incorporated on the plate
Apr 2004 Monaco car first setup for Monaco
here a 1962-1978 version
Apr 2004
(since 2002)
Netherlands dlr plate wanted
finally got hold of the latest dealer version
since Nov 2002
Mar 2004 Bulgaria car first setup for Bulgaria
here an older car type
Feb 2004
(since 2003)
Germany car plate wanted
for official vehicles (was US ARMY)
Feb 2004 ? Netherlands car Holland is thinking about a new system
12-AB-C3 (no vowels) for 2006?
when today's series (12-AB-CD) will ran out
Jan 2004 Slovenia car history added
here one from 1934
2 = Slovenia
Jan  2004
Greenland car first setup for Greenland
here an old an a new type
Dec 2003 Slovenia car first setup for Slovenia
here a current plate
Nov 2003 Cyprus car first setup for Cyprus
here a plate from the early 70's
Oct 2003 Croatia car first setup for Croatia
CK = Cakovec
Oct 2003 Macedonia car first setup for Macedonia
SK = Skopje
Sept 2003 Netherlands
New Guinea
car used from 1950 until 1963
my first setup was from Mar 2003, but I have had so much help with information and pictures that it is worth to have an other look
Aug 2003 Denmark other first setup for Denmark
here a bike rack
Aug 2003 US
Virgin Islands
car first setup for the Virgin Islands of the US
here a dealer from St. Croix
Aug 2003
(since 2000)
Netherlands car the 4 means the 4th replacement set
1's and 2's are seen but this is rare
July 2003
(since June)
New Zealand car plate wanted
new Euro plates, incl. dealer ad
for BMW only, in Aug for the rest of NZ
July 2003 Israel car first setup for Israel
first digit 9 = Beersheba
July 2003 Luxembourg car new EURO plates
July 2003 Nepal CD first setup for Diplomatic plates
June 2003 Micronesia car first setup for Micronesia
here a Yap 1982-1989? bus
June 2003 TTPI car first setup for Trust Territory Pacific Islands
here a Yap 1972-1981 Station wagon
May 2003
(since Apr)
Sweden car plate wanted
new EURO plates
Apr 2003 Suriname car first setup for Suriname
here a 1959 car version
Mar 2003 Indonesia temp first setup for Indonesia
here an temporary plate
Mar 2003
(since Sept 2002)
Netherlands tr new plates for the trailer itself (>750kg)
here the 'W' stands for normal trailer (aanhangwagen)
the 'O' for semi trailer (oplegger)
Mar 2003 Poland dlr first setup for Poland
here an old provisional plate
Feb 2003
(since Sept 2002)
Netherlands tr new plates for the trailer itself (>750kg)
here the 'O' for semi trailer (oplegger)
the 'W' stands for normal trailer (aanhangwagen)
Jan 2003
(since Nov 2002)
Austria Euro first setup for Austria
here the new Euro plate
Jan 2003 Germany other first setup from US forces in Germany
(click on Germany and than on US forces)
Nov 2002 Australia, VIC other plate wanted
44 pictures added
here a Minister with drive safely slogan
Sept 2002 Italy mc first setup from Italy
here a plastic motorcycle plate from 1963
Aug 2002 Germany car the Letter-story
all German combinations
Aug 2002 Slovakia car first setup from Slovakia
from 1997 onwards
July 2002 Australia, QLD tr first setup from Queensland
trailer 1925-1957
June 2002 Canada
dlr new car and motorcycle dealer plates
June 2002 Luxembourg CD first setup from Luxembourg
May 2002 Canada
car with help of Darcy Matters
PEI was filled from 1947 onwards
May 2002 Western Samoa bus motor omnibus
history added
Mar 2002 Aruba govt 1966 type set added
this one is a government motorcycle
first seen
Mar 2002
(since Nov 2001)
Sweden temp this plate replaces the export, Scandinavia import and personal import plate
Feb 2002 Finland car history 1920s-1950s added
Feb 2002 Liechtenstein temp first setup (who can help me with more pictures)
here a temporary small motorcycle
Feb 2002 Western Samoa taxi history 1965-now added
Feb 2002 Sweden Royal history 1906-1972 added
Jan 2002 Iceland other stickers added
since Nov 2001 Netherlands army army pushbike plate
first seen
Jan 2002
(since Oct 1996)
Iceland other heavy road vehicles
Jan 2002 Netherlands truck small truck, < 3.500 Kg
no extra speed limit
new series used after 12-VB-BB
first seen
Sept 2001
(since Sept 1999)
Netherlands dlr new letters used after HA
Dec 2001 Sweden


draft only
Dec 2001 Sweden


new aluminum plates
starting Jan 2002
Nov 2001 picture wanted


new trailer plates in Belgium
Oct 2001 Belgium


new taxi plates in Belgium
Sept 2001 United Kingdom


the new English system since the first of September
first seen
Sept 2001
(since ?)

Australia, NT


centenary of the federation
new plates from all states, here from the Northern Territory
first seen
Sept 2001
(since 1939)

New Zealand


diplomatic forerunner, UK High Commissioner and the USA (also used (AHC?) for Australia and CHC for Canada, USA from 1946 and India from 1947) 
first seen
Aug 2001
(since ??)
Isle of Man other Q-plate: used for cars that are build from parts or import cars without papers so that date of origin can not be established (1976 Q-20 MAN)
first seen
Aug 2001
(since May 2000)

Åland Islands

pers a new personalized motorcycle
first seen summer 2001
(since Nov 2000)


govt ministerial?
first seen summer 2001
(since Feb 2000)
Netherlands other  border traffic (Grens Verkeer)
normally a tractor that does not need a plate in Holland but does need one in Belgium  or Germany
May 2001 Finland car new EURO plates
Jan 2001


other antique vehicles
build between Jan 1973
and Dec 1977
first seen
Nov 2000
(since ? 2000)
Netherlands army Royal Military Police
 mc size
(Koninklijke Marechaussee)

Aug 2000


all letters I, O and Q
Aug 2000


temp export
with full date
July 2000 Netherlands taxi blue reflective

July 2000

later HK/AB 123


army US forces in Germany

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