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Last new plates

Last update: 1 Apr 2006

Norway temp 1985
6 = Trondheim
Australia, VIC car 1988

Australia, ACT
Australia, NT
car Centenary of Federation

Australia, QLD car Aussie, Aussie, Aussie
Road Runner

Australia, QLD car Aboriginal

Australia, WA car last 2 from WA
Centenary of federation and MEL shire

Australia, WA car 2 more, WA shires

Australia, WA car WA shires
New Zealand car A day to remember
original NZ$ 950 (€ 550)
later (1999?) NZ$ 500 (€ 300)

Australia, NSW car my last new AUS plates
Taiwan CD older
Consular Corps
Uruguay CD older
4 is probably the country code

Austria other some of my latest Austrians
Suriname govt 1955
D = Dienst = Government
New Zealand car first of the new Euro versions
started in June 2003
Austria temp transfer
the reflective version from 1999 onwards
Iceland car new from Apr 2004
Euro plate
      I have decided to enlarge my pictures (by 20%)
this means that below this line all plates are in the small ratio, it will take some time to get all pictures adjusted
thanks for your patience

Australia, ACT

Australia, NT

car ACT government 200 series

NT 1999 Solar plate

Australia, ACT
Australia, NSW
Australia, NT
Australia, WA
car my last new AUS plates
Gibraltar car 1960s car
Australia, Commonwealth car Visit to Australia
Papua New Guinea mc 1973-1975 motorcycle
Australia, QLD dlr first 3 yearly dealer plates
Australia, VIC pers many new Victorian plates
here an OTM custom in red
Australia, Com car air force
Belgium car painted CV
reissues starting at the A series incl. the new extra letters I, M, Q, W
Cuba CD 1951 diplomatic
Kenya CD diplomatic
Tunisia CD diplomatic
Bangladesh CD diplomatic
Liberia CD 1963 diplomatic
Canada CD 1983 diplomatic
Australia, QLD car 2001, centenary
Uruguay CD 1972 diplomatic
Åland temp new temporary
it's a sticker
since May 2003
Georgia car A = T'bilisi
from 1993
Finland car 1930
T = Turku

Bulgaria car old enamel
C = Sofia

A = Sofia (from 1979)

Suriname car nice old pair
Netherlands mc motorcycle
German army in the Netherlands
(ending on a D) new Euro version
Belgium car painted CV
since 1999
TTPI car Saipan
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
New Zealand CD older diplomatic
Netherlands mc
this motorcycle was issued between July 1999 and Feb 2000
just before we got the new Euro plates
Greenland car
pre 1976 car plate
Danish style
Austria car
new Euro version
since Nov 2002
Australia, ACT CC from 1981
Consular Corps
Australia, VIC pers from 2000
personalized Victoria in green
Germany other Federal Government
BD = Bundestag(-rat)
Netherlands other AFNORTH=Allied Forces Northern Europe  
3rd position Z = with tax (3rd vehicle, first 2 vehicles are tax free)

Australia, NSW

Australia, WA

other vintage car, here from the Chrysler club
this is a brass 1913  Horse Drawn plate with the number 8. It is only 7cm long and the RB stands for Road Board. I checked with a WA expert and he said that several shires used N

Australia, TAS other Interstate trailer

Targa Tasmania

dark green Tasmanian Tiger
first number very hard to read

farm plate

Cocos Islands mc motorcycle
Netherlands other export
G = 2003
with border
Luxembourg car since July 2003
the new Euro version
Belgium mc 1914-1918 enamel motorcycle
a huge plate (but the car plate was even bigger)

Australia, TAS car ACT historic car
pre 19??

SA the rose state

Uruguay car


new car plate from 2001

truck plate is from the previous series started in 1992

Australia, TAS car on the dark green tiger version the first number was very hard to read, remedy was to use only 3 numbers and as second letter only the I and the L

an early Interstate

an early Consular Corps

and an early green Government

Sweden temp pre 1975
temporary import
Stadsfiskalen Arvika on the back
Iceland mopd 1999
moped under 50cc
Finland temp 2001
new temporary motorcycle
CD diplomatic
1 = United Kingdom
car green plates used on Russell Island
Finland car 1935
A = Helsinki
new dies 
Germany mc US forces in Germany
motorcycle version (M)
since July 2000
TTPI car Yap
S = station wagon
Aruba car 1963
first year with tab
Liechtenstein temp 1969
only year that was black on red
Austria pers personalized plate since 1990
possible in a short version
(42 cm, used until 19??)
Italy temp 1965 export
rear plate
Faeroe Islands car 1958-1977
Olympic car 2002
US Virgin Islands
Olympic committee

Australia, VIC car 1991 porcelain plate, normally a remake from the 1932 series, but also available with a personalized number (above 300.000)

1996 Enterprize fundraising

2000 custom, burnt orange

Olympic car 1996
Finland temp 1952?-1972?







some English additions:

Alderney Euro plate

Welsh Euro plate

UK trade plate
a plastic version used with double sided tape on the inside of the rear window

Uruguay govt


Florida is a province of Uruguay
EDIL is a municipal authority, here with the national coat-of-arms

the bottom one is an army plate
where the letter O stands for Florida

Korea, south car from the city Pusan
Northern Marianas car
these plates are made from the government vehicles plates, taking out the slogan on the top and the right Latte stone and painting Commonwealth and the letter A
Netherlands Antilles, Curacao car 1977-1979
St. Pierre & Miquelon car 1930's number
cast letters

Kuwait car




Andorra car


around 1976


Forces in Europe car Us forces in Turkey
red version
Uruguay truck Montevideo
around 1962 to 1972
New Zealand pers 1998
caption plate
available in 11 different colors
Germany car this plate should never have been issued
see 'letter combinations'
New Zealand CD Diplomatic
from 1965 until 1986
New Guinea
car used from 1949 until 1963
Australia, VIC mc remake of the 1953 - 1977 series
Page dies
Forces in
US forces Azores
with stickers since 1997?
Mozambique car
old cast plate
B = Beira
1957 series
France temp old cast temporary
Peru car
1958 base with a 1963 tab

Nauru car 1960s


Norway other


used on private roads (like the Airport)

hire truck (additional plate)

Hungary other



1993 foreign residents

1993 trailer square

2000 provisional

Australia, VIC car



car 1910-1932 (cast)

custom motorcycle 1988 (newer dies)

custom motorcycle 1992, 3 digits

Finland temp export
Netherlands car the FB being the last series issued between 25 Jan 2000 and 1 Feb 2000 when the Euro plates came out
Uruguay govt government official of the province of Florida in the national assembly
around the 60's and 70's 
Switzerland bike
small plates
2 bicycle (first and last) and 3 moped versions from different years
Western Samoa car 1965
Netherlands temp motorcycle
2000 onwards
Finland temp motorcycle
Nicaragua army 1986?

Estonia dlr


dealer from 1993

diplomatic from 1996

St Maarten N.A. hire 1976 rental
Western Samoa dlr 1979 dealer
Cayman Islands mc color mistake (should be black on yellow)
but used
Northern Marianas car 1979 base
'82 sticker
Switzerland temp some temporary motorcycles in white and small motorcycles (< 80 Km/u) in yellow
more versions inside

Åland other a few nice remakes
(low numbers in a new design)
Finland mopd some nice old moped plates
more years inside
here 1960/61, 1961/62 and 1962/63
St. Maarten hire R = rental

Netherlands other antique vehicles
car, pre 1973

here both in US-size

Cuba govt H=Havana
Switzerland CD diplomatic
starting in 1968
Spain CD cast diplo
last year
Uruguay dlr dealer
Germany other US forces in Germany
since July 2000
Germany mopd how often do you find a 1958 moped dealer plate today?
Italy car CA = Cagliari
set from 1976 - 1985
New Zealand car investment plate
Japan car <660cc
Sweden temp export
Poliskammaren Göteborg on the back
Germany mc 1949-1956
Landradsambt Vohenstrauß
Nicaragua mc 1981?
St. Maarten mc 1993
an other motorcycle added
Suriname mc 1971
Switzerland temp 

big motorcycle (> 80km/h)
Z is tax free (zoll)

Austria mc 1990
Denmark other bike rack
Australia, NT pers 1995
Alice Springs
Ukraine car since Jan 1995
area code 08=Zaporizhzhya
Portugal car Nato Iberland
Netherlands mc Nato motorcycle
Allied Forces (North)
Åland mc new motorcycle
since May 2000
Nicaragua car prefix M/T=Matagalpa

Germany car letter combinations

one letter, one number (group 1a)
two letters and 4 numbers (group 3b)

Uruguay mc motorcycle
Japan mc motorcycle
> 400 cc
Uruguay CD diplomatic

Germany car US forces in Germany
July 2000
Olympic car 1976 Olympic games

Australia, ACT other 1972

veteran in the wrong colours

Australia, NT other 1953 Lorry

Vintage Car Club

tourist vehicle

world solar challenge

dealer 1953-1979

dealer 1984

dealer 1989-1999

Northern Marianas car

Australia, VIC other Ballarat


Nicaragua other International Mission
Gibraltar temp old duty free
Wake Island mc 1973?

Liechtenstein temp very old and old
Kiribati car Ocean Island
Cook Islands car late 1960's
Nauru car about 1973
Argentina car province of Neuquen
tab 1962

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