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Olav's License Plate

Olav Arne Brekke
This site contains pictures of plates from more than 70 countries seen "live in action" on vehicles in Norway. There is also a section for code lists and my highest sightings of Norwegian license plates.
Drew Steitz
This site contains classified ads, plates for sale, and all kinds of information about plates and the hobby.
Daniel Hediger
This site contains lots of USA environmental, wildlife and special plates. Very recommended are the Lighthouse plates.
Also Australian graphics and of course a must are the old Swiss plates.
VicenÁ Figueras
This site contains plates from Spain, Andorra and world motorcycle.
Ralf Hegewald
This site contains the full plate history of East Germany, West Germany and United Nations Peacekeeping.
Uwe Weinert
Website featuring 'Van Halen' personalized license plates, along with any other Rock band or music related theme.
Frans de Been
the Netherlands
This site contains pictures of the Pope's cars and Dutch 'bromfiets' (mopeds) plates. Also a nice collection of Bonaire and Curacao.
Charles Lombardo
This site contains a variety of Australian plates.
Rick Schofield
This site contains a variety of USA plates. Specially of California and Nevada plates.
Claudius Schmidt
A very informative site about German plates (unfortunately only in German).
Peter van der Krogt
the Netherlands
This site contains a variety of Maps situated on plates.
Jacco Hoekstra
the Netherlands
This site contains a variety of plates. Special are the up-to-date Dutch plates.
Joe Sallmen
This site is about Japanese plates.
It explains a great deal about the very complex Japanese system.
David Caudwell
A very nice looking site with US plates and lots of other topics.
Michele Berionne
This site is all about Italian plates. Including San Marino and the Vatican.
Sean Pierre
Information about new and pending Florida optional license plates. Eclectic plate gallery focused primarily on the U. S., but including worldwide plates as well.
Wouter Kolen
the Netherlands
Wouter is the youngest member of the Dutch club and interested in World plates. Together with his father they go to all the meets and there collection is really growing fast. Here he is with his first price of all green plates.
Peter Rottensteiner
Peter is a teacher from Austria. Interested in plates, he has taken pictures from all cities in Austria and many of the surrounding countries. Peter is also a pushbike fanatic. You can read many of his trips but unfortunately only in German, but well worth to visit.
Daniel Rubinger
Daniel has a vast collection of Argentina plates. He has made a small museum. Only just started with his web site so it will only get better.
Mark Goodwin
Mark's website includes an extensive trade list, want list, photos of his worldwide collection and a section of photos of plates on vehicles around the world which were largely found in newswire photos on the web.


Other websites of interest (not plate related)

site/link maker country what it's all about
Hans Bonefaas
the Netherlands
350.000 oude ansichtkaarten en foto's van Nederland (in Dutch)

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