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Mar 2004
1 introduction 3 explanation
2 navigation 4 help wanted

1 Introduction

My name is Herman Hallo, a crazy Dutchman who collects Number (License) plates as a hobby since 1986, when my wife made me a member of the Dutch club (through an ad in a women's magazine). I was very pleased to discover that I wasn't the only lunatic interested in plates. Before that I had the odd plate as a souvenir (instead of a souvenir t-shirt) of the countries I had been to. So from 1986 it became serious stuff. At the moment I have about 4000 plates in the attic and because you can't collect everything I specialized in Australasia (AUS + NZ and all countries with the same design), Scandinavia and Holland of course. I'm not only interested in the plates itself but also in the history and the systems the different countries use. If I collect a country I like to go deep, that is why not all countries are filled yet. When I stopped working normal jobs I had enough time on my hands to hobby around and this resulted in the website you're about to explore.

Most of the things will speak for themselves, but there are a few extra's:

2 Navigation

Say e.g. that you are interested in plates from the Netherlands or the new EURO-plates (since Feb. 2000). From the 'opening page' you click on Number plate Archives and go to 'the map of the world'. From 'the map of the world' you then click on Europe and on the Netherlands. If you want to go back to Europe, use the 'back-button' on your browser. If you want to go back to 'the map of the world' or to the 'opening page' (back home) use the 'buttons on the top left'.

You can also go through the country list on the opening page. With 'ctrl F', you can search real quick.
Through update and last new plates you can also find a country.

Beware! Only major changes are mentioned in update. For smaller changes you have to check the 'last update' in the country file itself. Because your own computer will store all documents you have seen on Internet (in Windows/Temporary Internet Files),  you sometimes have to 'refresh' the document (F5) to get the last update.

3 Explanation



Date of
first issue
Date of
last issue
Type Description Remarks
169 2000 now truck VV 12 AB
second V=vehicle or prime mover
note: new dies, short slogan again
plate wanted Federal Interstate



I have copied 'line 169' from Victoria, Australia as an example.
Here you'll find a 'picture' of the actual plate. First issued in 2000 and still issued 'now'. In the column 'Type' you will normally find car (passenger), mc (motorcycle), dlr (dealer), govt (government) or other. If it says 'other' (or in this case truck), you will find what kind it is in the last column 'Remarks'. In this case a Federal Interstate truck. The letter combination, in 'Description' is always VV and then has 2 numbers and 2 letters. The first V is for Victoria and the second V is for vehicle. If there is a slight difference with an earlier generation it is mentioned in 'Remarks' as well, or if possible a picture with this difference.
Also seen in red is if I'm looking for the plate and in blue who owns the plate (or the picture of course). By the way: I do have this plate, thanks Ian.

4 Help wanted

If you are specialized in a country maybe you can help me fill in that part of the Archives. What I need are some nice pictures and the size of the plates to get them all in shape. Of course I will put your name (in blue) next to your pictures. 

If you have questions or suggestions to improve this site, please drop me an e-mail.

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